After implementing our e-com SEO technique in Wiser Gifts, Organic search increased by 90.6% and conversion rates increased from 1.58% to 4.27%

About Wiser Gifts

This client works specifically in the fashion industry. Fashion is a hot industry, but due to a lack of optimization, our clients only get 800 organic visitors a week, about a 1.58% conversion rate, which is extremely low in this industry.

How we helped

Refs Media was approached by  Wiser Gifts’ to create a new organic search campaign focused on the apparel market. Our aim was to develop a unique link-building campaign and social engagement campaign for Refs Media that focused on apparel, whilst being stylish and quality.

Refs Media created a standard campaign focused on a unique lifestyle with stylish apparel audiences.


After seven months of running our campaign, the results that our work garnered were the best that Wiser Gifts’ had seen the growth of the business beyond expectations.

  • Organic Sessions:90.6%
  • New Users: 73,503
  • Avg session duration:02:33 minutes
  • Bounce  Rate:19.42%

Audience Overview

E-commerce Conversion Rate

Organic Search Traffic

Store Conversion Rate