Our organic search team executed an organic strategy that increased organic sessions by an impressive 90.58% and increased the conversion rates increased from 2.70% to 6.92%

About Pan Crafts

Pan Crafts is a leading online retailer that has been selling quality handmade organic products. The brand prides itself on its unique selling point of providing the best quality organic products at the lowest prices.

How we helped

Pan Crafts approached Refs Media in December 2021  with the objective of increasing its online search visibility and overall rankings for a select number of keywords. During initial research, it became clear that the Pan Crafts website would need to increase in authority and would also require on-page optimization to help improve its online performance.

Utilizing this insight, our executive team developed a technical on-page strategy to resolve site issues and also created an outreach strategy that aimed to identify relevant bloggers that would showcase the Pan Crafts products to their audience with the aim of increasing site authority.


After seven months running our campaign The results that our work garnered were so impressive.

  • Organic Sessions:90.58%
  • New Users: 48,899
  • Avg session duration:01:48 minutes

Audience Overview

E-commerce Conversion Rate

Organic Search Traffic

Store Conversion Rate