Following complete optimizations in Back Trendz,
Organic search increased by 89.11% and the conversion rates increased from 1.25% to 3.93%

About Back Trendz

This client works in the Print-on-Demand industry. Print-on-demand is very popular right now. Still, our clients are only getting less than 600 visitors every week and about a 0.8 percent conversion rate due to a lack of optimization, which is relatively low in this industry.

How we helped

Refs Media was approached by Back Trendz to create a new organic search campaign focused on the personalized apparel market. Our aim was to develop a unique link-building campaign and social engagement campaign for Back Trendz that focused on personalized apparel, whilst being engaging and interesting. Refs Media created a standard campaign focused on a unique lifestyle with personalized apparel. As with any campaign, there has to be a clear set of objectives and they depend on two things;

  • what we feel will make the greatest difference to the business
  • what is achievable in terms of budget and timescale

In such a personalized apparel market, where Back Trendz is already a leader, we knew that we needed a bespoke campaign to solidify this position and we had to open the company up to other potential audiences. In line with our meetings it was agreed that we would look to increase the following four areas for Back Trendz:

  • Organic Sessions
  • New Users
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Average Domain Authority (DA) of new links. Results

The campaign was successful in achieving campaign objectives, raising awareness of the brand across social and supporting SEO activity. All of the links that were promised pointed to one of the target URLs and the wider scope of improving keyword rankings for certain terms proved fruitful. Looking at the result below you can see that this campaign delivered improvements in 6 months of running standard campaigns:

  • Organic Sessions:89.11%
  • New Users: 58,588
  • Avg session duration:01:55 minutes

Audience Overview

E-commerce Conversion Rate

Organic Search Traffic

Store Conversion Rate